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Software Dir Me Up 3.0 Categorie: Software
Posted by benny on 2016/7/30 18:00:00 (353 reads) News by the same author

Jérôme 'Glames' Senays' heeft een nieuwe versie van 'Dir Me UP' geïntroduceerd, deze tool à la Directory Opus heeft in versie 3 de volgende verbeteringen:

■ Shell-, Arexx, of Python-scripts kunnen op geselecteerde data worden toegepast,
■ Vijf vrij defineerbare knoppen,
■ Bij tijdsintensieve acties wordt de gemiddelde snelheid en tijdsduur afgedrukt,
■ Nieuwe dialoogvensters voor copiëren, verwijderen en dupliceren van geselecteerde data,
■ Contextgevoelige popup-menus's,
■ Preview voor volumes: de hoeveel data wat in gebruik is kan nu ook grafisch worden afgebeeld.

De demo is 16Mb groot, de volledige versie is 14,99e op de website.

Website en download

Dir Me Up is a program to explore and manipulate files, links and drawers of your Amiga.

You browse quickly and easily the content from your hard drives, USB sticks or CDs with advanced features: browsing history, current path being accessible via buttons, multiple sorts, filters, preview (image, text)...

Handle one or several files: you can easily run, view, cut, copy, paste, rename, comment, manage attributes and much more. Of course, you can choose to click icons, use a contextual menu or press the keyboard shortcuts.

Connect Dir Me Up with the best existing software on Amiga OS 4: video, music, internet are all pleasures you can enjoy by a double-click.

Dir Me Up, improve your Amiga !


- Browsing history.
- Current path available at each level via buttons.
- Choice of informations to be displayed (icon, name, size, date, type, extension, rights, comments).
- Various sorts (name, size, date, type, extension, rights, comments).
- Possible filter on filenames.
- Preview images, icons, "text" files, volumes and drawers sizes.
- List or icon view (thumbnails).
- Internal viewer included.
- Customizable display of .info files and drawers at the top of the list.
- Cut/copy/paste/duplicate files, directories and links.
- Interactions with the Workbench: Drag'n'drop, WBInfo window, opening a location, ...
- Two progress bars during processes with the speed and remaining time displayed.
- Renaming (homogeneous or heterogeneous), comment, flag, archiving (with lha) of files and drawers.
- Delete one or more files, directories or links.
- Creation of drawers, with or without icon.
- Application of (Arexx, Shell, Python) scripts or 3rd-party programs on files and drawers.
- Most actions are possible on several files.
- Up to 5 customizable buttons (image, action).
- Interconnection with pictures viewer, source and text editor, word processing, spreadsheet, web, music and video software (among Amicygnix software).
- Effective ergonomics: icons, contextual menu and keyboard shortcuts.
- Bookmarks management.
- Ringhio notifications.
- ...

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